Thursday, April 30, 2009

Reality, worst game ever

Citeste Piramida Apatiei Sociale ca sa intelegi cauzele escapismului social


Anonymous said...

"The world is a holographic internet,"the world in our heads".Ask me who or what created this and I will say that I don't know,at least yet,but anyone tune to the Matrix has the potential to change and influence it.When I connnect my laptop to the internet,I can influence its reality by posting information and it can influence me when I read the information that others have posted.This is happening constantly with the Matrix as we add our perceptions to the "WIRELESS WEB" and it feeds us the collecttive reality.We can choose to be prisoniers of this body-computer-Matrix interaction,a passive onlooker and programmed pawn,or we can express our uniqueness through the influence of Infinite Awareness and "post" another version of reallity on this cosmic computer-game.For that is what we are experiencing in this "world"- a version of a computer game,virtual reallity.The key to controlling the game is the control of belief ,as I have already indicated.What we choose to believe,or are MANIPULATED to believe,decides the way the body-computer decodes what we call "reality".Preconceived ideas and rigid belief are the guards at the gates to Infinite Awareness,because it is not only the "gates and channeles" in the cells that open and close;so do our gates and channels to Infinite Awareness through the chakra system and even to greater parts of the Matrix.If too many chakra channles are closed or diminished by what we call rightly, a closed mind- closed awareness-we will leave in a prison of perception.THIS IS WHAT THE MANIPULATORES HAVE DONE TO HUMANITY".
D.Icke-2007(global conspiracy and how to end it)
Telepatia este si este functionala(racordare pe diferite frecvente la foarte joase-non-constient- la foarte inalte- constient-;exista INFINITE POSIBILITATI PENTRU FIECARE DINTRE NOI).Nu-i "new age shit".
Oamenii fac vremurile si nu vremurile ii fac pe oameni.EI(manipulatorii din orice domeniu) stiu asta si aici ne lucreaza.
Ideea ca suntem actori constienti este corecta... atat timp cat nu ne identificam cu rolul(infinite posibilitati).
Altfel spus:A fi in lume(adica in corp) si in afara ei(adica constienti ca nu suntem corp ci constiinta=energie vibrationala pe diferite niveluri, care utilizeaza corpul)!
Avem totul pentru a schimba daca intelegem si incepem sa fim/facem.
Credinta=plasarea gandului(frecventa vibrationala) nu neaparat constient(dogme) dar si constient pe anume "realitati percepute".Practic racordare frecventionala.

Anonymous said...

"iubirea" ,ce vrea ea si la ce foloseste:
Cartea Infinite love is the only true everything else is illusion(D.Icke-2005)exp:pag:78,79,80.E clar exprimat.
Sunt si altele care spun acelasi lucru(multe altele,inclusiv Biblia cifrata si ras-talmacita)...dar aici este exprimat "mai tehnic" si deci in acord cu "lumea moderna".
Juggernaut,multumesc pentru tranzitie lina tuturor.